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2016-09-16 15:41:58
The Seller's Brag Book

If you’re proud of your house, why not brag about it to potential buyers? Sure, nobody wants the seller hanging around during open houses and showings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be heard. We think a brag book is the ideal way to let buyers know just exactly what is so great about your home.

It’s a fun project that most homeowners and even their kids enjoy doing. First, you’ll need something to hold all the sheets of valuable information you’ll be providing. This can be anything from a 3-ring binder to a glossy presentation folder to even spiral binding everything.

Then comes the fun part – gathering up all the information you’ll want to include in your brag book. Include as many as the following items as possible.

The Basics

Some of the basic information to place in the presentation includes the real estate flyer we create for the home, a feature sheet listing the basics (number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, age, lot size etc.) and the Comparative Market Analysis that we compiled for the home.


Photos of the home during the various seasons are valuable for a number of reasons. Photos of the home in spring, when everything is in bloom, let the winter buyer know where to look for spring perennials when the weather turns warm.

Mix in a few photos of you, your kids or the entire family enjoying the home’s amenities. If the home has a pool, hot tub, large backyard or awesome deck, show potential buyers how it feels to use these amenities.

Curb appeal varies, according to the season, so show off your house in photos during all four seasons.

Personal Essays

So, you aren’t a professional writer; that shouldn’t stop you from jotting a note to potential buyers about exactly why you love the home and the neighborhood. What attracted you to the home when you purchased it? What do you like best about the home?

Talk about neighbors that you’ve developed close bonds with, the proximity to conveniences (if that’s a plus) and any other appealing aspects about the location.

Another nice touch is a community page, listing the area’s parks, shopping centers, schools and anything else you feel is pertinent.

Repairs and Renovations

Make a list of repairs and another of renovations or other upgrades to the home. Potential buyers need to hear about improvements, especially if they’re recent.

Other Valuable Information

If you’ve had a survey of the property done and/or a pre-sale inspection, include the results of both.

Although the buyer will receive a complete HOA package, if you wish to include copies of any HOA documents you feel make the home an attractive investment, include those as well.

We’ll leave your brag book in a prominent location in the house for everyone to peruse during showings and open houses.

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